Information about how a professional immigration lawyer atlanta can help individuals in acquiring US citizenship, the immigration related services he provides

Many people are interested in immigrating to the United states (US) for multiple reasons.In other cases they may be in US and wish to avoid deportation. They are looking for a competent immigration lawyer in atlanta who can help them complete all the legal formalities required to immigrate to the US. The various options for becoming a US citizen and some of the considerations while selecting a suitable immigration lawyer are discussed

Who is an immigration lawyer?

Immigration lawyer in Atlanta is a lawyer based in and around Atlanta, georgia who is specializing in dealing with the various immigration related issues, and helps his client become a US citizen legally. The lawyer will assist the client in applying for citizenship,checking whether the client meets the eligibility criteria for becoming a citizen and providing advice on the documents which are required . If the applicant is not eligible or there is some other problem, the immigration lawyer will be able to detect the problem in advance while evaluating the case.

Who requires help from an immigration lawyer?

This information about immigration lawyers in Atlanta will help anyone in and around Atlanta who is interested in becoming a citizen of US legally. This information will also help those who are not residing in US, yet wish to immigrate and reside in Atlanta, US. While legal help is not mandatory for getting citizenship, it is advisable to consult a competent and experienced immigration lawyer for evaluating the case to prevent any problem at a later date. The lawyer will also provide advice and check the documentation to ensure that it is accurate and complete so that the citizenship procedure is completed faster

Citizens from other countries can immigrate and become citizens of US mainly in three ways, through naturalization after getting a green card for at least 5 years, if the person parent or spouse is a US citizen, or if a relative is a US citizen. There are other options like Deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) which can be used for getting US citizen. The person applying for citizenship should also good moral character and other eligibility criteria. Most people are not aware of the legal intricacies, procedure of applying for citizenship. Hence they should consult an immigration lawyer who specializes in helping people get US citizenship. The lawyers have handled a large number of immigration cases, and will help those who face any immigration related problem, providing legal advice.

Where can I find more information?

There are many lawyers in Atlanta who specialize in immigration law, who are listed in lawyer directories. After shortlisting a lawyer, visiting their website, will provide more information about their services and often reviews from customers who have used their services. In some cases, the lawyers specialize in immigration for people from a particular ethnic group or community. Individuals interested in immigrating can fix an appointment with the lawyer they have selected for a case evaluation.